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NFT Marketplace using NextJs and Styled-components

React, NextJs, NFT, NFT Marketplace, Responsive, Styled Components,

Responsive Animated Photo Stock UI

React, Responsive, Animated, keyframse, Styled Components,

From Figma to React ! Landify Landing Page (Sample Page)

React, Landify, Figma, Landing Page, Styled Components,

Donut Shop UI With Shopping

React, Styled Components, Context API, Local Storage, useState,

NFT Marketplace UI

React, Styled Components, React Router, useState,

Tour App UI with Animations

React, Styled Components, React Router,

Custom Radio Button In React Js

React, Styled Components, useState,

Create Your Custom Tag Component in React

React, Styled Components, useState,

Animated Nav Menu using React and keyframes

React, Styled Components, keyframes, useState,


ASP .NET MVC, jQuery, BootStrap, SignalR,

View360 Virtual Tour Showcase of Properties

ASP .NET MVC, jQuery, BootStrap, Map, Virtual Tour,